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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fear of Impermanence

So many aspects of the Buddhist belief system hinge on the ideas of Shunyata and Anicca: Emptiness and Impermanence. Emptiness, actually, can be seen as being an inherent element of Impermanence, for that which is made of a correlation of other things will one day fall apart, and thusly are impermanent and Empty of infinite individualism and expectation.

So, as we have been watching the purchases of badges go by we've noticed that no one is buying up these amazing little art-experiments that we happily yet accidentally devised while making badges for the masses. Are we seeing an uncertainty in the unknown or, worse, a fear of impermanence itself?

Either way, we hope it doesn't matter, as we serenade your eyes and minds with shots of these one-of-a-kind artistic expressions of change and transformation, juxtaposed with commentary and sutra on Anicca:

A corporeal phenomenon, a feeling, a perception, a mental formation, a consciousness, which is permanent and persistent, eternal and not subject to change, such a thing the wise men in this world do not recognize; and I also say that there is no such thing. - Buddha Shakyamuni

Whatever is subject to origination ("samudaya") is subject to cessation ("nirodha") - (MN 56)

Impermanence is intimately associated with the doctrine of anatta, according to which things have no fixed nature, essence, or self. For example, in Mahayana Buddhism, because all phenomena are impermanent, and in a state of flux, they are understood to be empty of an intrinsic self (shunyata). - O'Brien

Impermanent are all component things, They arise and cease, that is their nature: They come into being and pass away, Release from them is bliss supreme. - (DN 16)

There is no static being, no unchanging substratum. Change, movement, is Lord of the Universe. Everything is in a state of becoming, of continual flux. You cannot step twice into the same river; for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you. - Heraclitus

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