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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Update

It's been a while since a post, but we’ve been busy at the Dharma Bum Temple every Monday cranking out the badges! We also have been able to donate to some great causes from January through March... here's a run down:
We’ve been very lucky to have taken part in the Buddha-For-You Pilgrimage as thy opened up at their newest location in San Diego at 6145 El Cajon Blvd near SDSU! So very happy to represent and present a small thank you to Jeff and Maggie, the owners, for their amazing work for the benefit of all. The present was made possible by the amazing Maitri Griha Project in Germany.

Also, many new badges have been created! Three each month! We have so many, you can even just press one button to purchase them all! 

Here's the latest additions:

breathin anjali aniccca  vairocana sukhavati 30something amettatabha mandalaofequality phrapidta

This Month's Cause: SourcePoint Global Outreach

“SourcePoint Global Outreach is a nonprofit orgranization founded in 2001whose outreach projects are dedicated to serving the welfare and upliftment of local and global communities by combining their efforts with other international organizations, implementing humanitarian projects to assist those in need around the globe.” Learn more about SourcePoint Global Outreach

Oh and...

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