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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Badges for 2011!

It's been a great year for BuddhaBadges! So very thankful for all of the wonderful support that's been received from those who've donated, followers and friends of Twitter and Facebook, and of course the amazingly wonderful volunteerism of the Dharma Bum Temple! To kick off this new year, how about three new badges!

Bhante Maha Ghosananda was known as the “Ghandi of Cambodia” and spent almost the entirety of his 70-plus years on this planet working peacefully, tenaciously, and without hesitation to spread the Dharma and bring order, aid, and freedom to Cambodians and peoples worldwide. He accomplished these awesome tasks with a constant smile and a light in his eyes that inspired millions... all while handing out small prints of the Metta Sutta wherever he went. We‘ve depicted him here, on top of the Sutta in Pali. We thank The Liberate Life Project for reminding us of such a great person.

The amazing contemporary Buddhist thinker and teacher Andrew Olendzki wrote about a phrase the Buddha used to describe our experience: “Abhutaparikalpo’sti” which roughly means “Unreal Imagination Exists”. It reveals to us that although this experience may be made up of photons and atoms entering our senses and playing upon the perceptive parts of our creative minds, “now” may really not be what you think it is, but it is still really happening.

Amoghasiddhi is one of the five principle Meditation Buddhas whose sepcific interest is in the overcoming of fear and the realization of accomplishment. Hence this badge—consisting of his symbols the Abhya Mudra, the Double Dorje and the mighty Garuda—each telling us that to be “Fearless” we must “Fear Less”.

Be sure to head on over to and get the latest Badges up for grabs, as well as some T-shirts and hoodies!

This Month’s Cause: Lotus Outreach International

“Lotus Outreach is a 501(c)(3) charity-drive organization dedicated to ensuring the education, health and safety of vulnerable women and children in the developing world. Originally established to support refugee education, Lotus Outreach now also helps rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking and keep at-risk students in school. We support this mission through effective grassroots projects, particularly among the rural poor.” Learn more about Lotus Outreach Intertnational.

Happy Anniversary Buddha-For-You!

Check out BuddhaBadges being made and sold at the Buddha-For-You Anniversary Celebration! Buddha-For-You is a great Buddhist Statuary and Meditation Supply Shop near SDSU in San Diego and has an amazing assortment of Buddhas, Singing Bowls, Statues, Incense, Zafus, Thai Amulets... even a meteorite!


Namaste and Thanks! May life be like it's heaven for you in 2011!

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