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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BuddhaBadges Birthday!

Twelve months ago this day BuddhaBadges opened it's simple virtual doors to the internet and the world at large to do one thing: make badges and donate the money. That's two things, yes, but they work together very nicely, don't they?

Here's some fun facts from the first year:
  • BuddhaBadges has sent over 1500 BuddhaBadges across the globe.
  • Meaning over $1500 has been donated to charities!
  • Over the last year BuddhaBadges has generated over 40 Badge designs, with 2 being donated from artists.
  • Almost 350 people own BuddhaBadges as we speak! More if they've been gifted to others.
  • Badges have been sent to such amazing locales as Austrailia, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, Thailand, and The Netherlands.
  • Eleven out of twenty-three charities have been donated to, but we want more! Send in suggestions!
  • The Metta Badge is the best selling badge.
  • All BuddhaBadges are comprised of Red, Black, or White.
  • So far BuddhaBadges has done all this by reaching people through Facebook, Twitter, email and word-of-mouth!
We are so very thankful to all of the amazing people who have helped along the way. Here is a short list of a few that immediately come to mind, but there are many, many more:
  • Thanks to the Dharma Bum Temple: especially Jeff Z., Maggie and Pierre
  • Thanks to the Twitter Buddhaverse: such as Zen Dirt Zen Dust, Digital Zendo, Precious Metal, Ohio Buddhist, Zen Outlaw, Kamikazen, BayouCity Buddha, Metal Buddha, karmadorje, jackalope, Reformed Buddha, Fly Like A Crow, the #OMCru, the #Twangha, and all the rest...
  • Thanks to Buddha-For-You in San Diego
  • Thanks to Tricycle, Shambhala Sun and all the online avenues that refer BB to others
  • Much thanks to Jeff S., Cindy, Joseph, Jimmy, Paul, Trish, and Sarah
  • Thank you to ButtonBiz for the Badges!
  • Thank you to The Buddha, The Dharma, and The Sangha; to every bodhisattva, deva, and bramin; to every animal, vegetable and being born or unborn. 
Finally, BuddhaBadges would like to dedicate the merit however small that may have been accrued by this tiny and humble project to you who are reading this. That way, every time this is read, the merit will be renewed and shared again and again. Like a BuddhaBadge.

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