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Monday, August 2, 2010

Three New Badges and July's Donation Sent!

This fine Monday the 2nd of August is a fine Monday the 2nd of August indeed as BuddhaBadges has had an exciting morning!
    Three New Badges were added to the roster...

    meritOMtism is a Special Mission Badge focused on awareness and raising funds for Autism research.Any and all donations raised from this Badge will go directly to the Organization for Autism Research.

    firemalaThe Fire Mala Badge is a special guest artist design created by Ed Cross, for which BuddhaBadges is absolutely grateful! Ed was and amazing artist to work with and BuddhaBadges welcomes more artists and input!

    thicknthinAnd the third, Thick-n-Thin, is a mash-up of the chubby Hotei and the emaciated Shakymuni... cuz, ya know, skeletons are punk. This one illustrates the varieties and styles a Path can take.


    Just sent off the $100 donation to The Children's Shelter Foundation - Chiang Mai, Thailand...
    Thank you to everyone that has bee a part of this great season of giving for BuddhaBadges!

    The DharmaBum For Life Program has signed up for another few weeks...
    So grateful to have the opportunity to get together with these folks for some good BuddhaBadge-making and hanging out. Every Monday evening until Fall we will be sitting, talking, laughing (hopefully) and plain old burning some good karma.

      In other news...
      has added three more Dots to it's growing mix of news and views from the Buddha-Blog-O-Sphere and more and more Altars are being added to the ALTAR-BOT every day! Check them both out!

      Happy Monday! Namaste!

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