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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Much thanks and Muchos Gracias!

Many wonderful things have been happening at the BuddhaBadges Camp in the last few weeks, here's a recap:

BuddhaBadges has been Featured In Tricycle!

Honored and thankful beyond belief, BuddhaBadges has been featured in the "Good Works" section of Tricycle Magazine! It's only a half pager, but it's something really, really special to BuddhaBadges and all who have helped make it possible! And the spike in sales has been amazing! Here's the online version of the article.

Much, much thanks to Tricycle!

BuddhaBadges Monday Nights at the Dharma Bum Temple!

For the last two Mondays the denizens of the Dharma Bum Temple have been donating two-hours before their Dharma Class to the creation and preparation of BuddhaBadges to help with the enormous amount of orders we've been getting since the Tricycle article (see above) happened!

A Big Thanks to:
  • Kathleen
  • Leighann
  • Rachel
  • Vesta
  • Sundana
  • Blanca
  • Pierre
  • Alex
  • Dominic
  • and of course Jeff Z. and Maggie
 See you next Monday!

KamikaZen and the #OMC

Graphic Designer and Artist known as @The_Kamikazen on Twitter, as well as @ZenOutlaw, @MetalBuddha and the rest at the Online Meditation Crew have graciously pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds from their t-shirt designs featuring artwork by The Kamikazen himself including: "Metta Mulisha", "Heavy Metta", and "The Great Plains Buddha"... go grab some over at RedBubble, the same folks that run our shirts!

Much Metta to the "Metta Mulisha"!

Ideas Are- A-Flowin'

Many people are reaching out to BuddhaBadges with ideas for organizations and foundations to be added to the Causes roster and new ones are being added all the time! If you have an idea for a cause to be included to our list or an idea for a badge (or for both!) please give a hollar!

Again, thanks to all! Be well! _/\_

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