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Thursday, September 2, 2010

BuddhaBadges Multiple Donation Day!

Today has been another great day at BuddhaBadges! Not only were we able to donate $300 to our charity for the month of August, The Buddhist Global Relief Fund, but we also sent out $100 to the Organization for Autism Research and $100 to the Doctors Without Borders Relief Efforts in Pakistan!

Much of the success of this month is attributed to the kindness and compassion of so many, it's almost mind-boggling to try and write them all out!
  • Many Thanks to Tricycle Magazine for their continued support and for their latest article on BuddhaBadges! The exposure has pushed this month beyond the limit!
  • Much Metta to Jack of Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt for coming up with the idea of donating to the Organization for Autism Research! The Special Interest Badge concept is a great mini-vehicle and we already have another one this month!
  • Deep Bows to Emily Breder and everyone who wrote articles, blog posts, and tweets about what BuddhaBadges is trying to achieve and how others can pitch in!
  • Hundreds of Thank Yous to the Dharma Bum Temple for donating a few hours each week to getting these orders filled and out the door!
  • Utmost Appreciation to the Online Meditation Crew and in particular Alfonso, The KamikaZen for donating their energy, focus, and talents by offering the proceeds from their awesome T-shirts to Pakistan! BuddhaBadges was very happy to match and quadruple their dana!
In true BuddhaBadges fashion there are also THREE NEW BADGES up for grabs!


This impactful saying is yet another Special Mission Badge for a good cause, this time our focus is homlessness inspired by our friend Adam over at Fly Like a Crow. Homeless Kodo wandered around Japan a long time ago teaching the his style of Dharma and blazing his own path by embracing the transient and never staying in one home or temple. The sales of this badge will go directly to FareStart, a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals ready to settle down. 


Now that is some Punk-Rock-N-Roll Enlightened One right there! Just could never get over the idea that Thai Buddha statues from the front looked like they all had killer mohawks, so this Badge makes that Punk dream a reality! OM! OM! OM! OM! 


Did you notice the misspelling there? Clever huh? You know what? You are great. "Oh Most Nobly Born," as so many sutras begin, you should be grateful of your greatness. Living a life of gratitude for being born as a human being is a noble life indeed. And for a life like that, you can be truly "greatful".

So, yeah: Great day! Be sure to head on over to and get the latest Badges up for grabs, as well as some T-shirts and hoodies to support the cause! 


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