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Friday, July 23, 2010

BuddhaBadges Meets The DharmaBums!

Last night, July 22nd, 2010, was a momentous occasion in BuddhaBadges history, for sure! 

Through the graciousness and generosity of Jeff and Maggie of the Dharma Bum Temple in downtown San Diego, eight Dharma Bum Life participants sat with me for 2 hours and we talked good Buddha talk and laughed a good Buddha laugh as they donated their time to help make over 200 BuddhaBadges in one night! Not only that but they also sorted, prepared, and packaged them all while practicing, listening about, and talking on topics of dana, kshanti, and karuna! All of this months orders were filled (and basically blessed) yesterday by the Bums-in-training, and many more badges are now ready and lie in wait to be sent!

Here's some pics of the whole shin-dig in action!

I'm sure more more pics will be rolling in as the day progresses, More pics are up now! Click to see!  It was totally a real, authentic good time! We were really able to focus on the concepts of being an empty element of generosity and an invisible participant in the positive process. We passed around images and told stories of the people that BuddhaBadges has been able to donate to, and talked about Pratityasamutpada. In their own way, each proto-Dharma Bum listened to or instilled within an element of peace and practice as they each fulfilled their different yet equally important task. And in the end, we had an amazing steaming pile of BuddhaBadges, ready for mailing to hopefully spread some smiles.

Thanks to all of the DB4Life crew, to Jeff and Maggie of not only the Dharma Bum Temple, but also Buddha For You and The Meditation Initiative. These are all amazing people doing amazing things and BuddhaBadges is honored to have this little project even noticed by them, let alone to have them take part in the entire process.

Thank you and _/\_ to all. And to all: all merit.

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