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Saturday, July 24, 2010

BuddhaBadges Meets The DharmaBums! Part 2

Just wanted to pop-up a few more shots that came from Jeff over at the Dharma Bum Temple from our awesome Dharma Bum Life Program/BuddhaBadge night! Read more here if you missed it, but basically eight Dharma Bum Life participants sat with me for 2 hours as they donated their time to help fulfill over 20 BuddhaBadge orders by creating, sorting, preparing, and packaging them all while discussing topics like dana, kshanti, and karuna.

Have a look!

 Again and always, thank you so much to the Dharma Bums, The Dharma Bum Temple, and the Bodhisattvas-in-training at the Dharma Bum Life Program!

Namaste and Amitofo!