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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three New BuddhaBadges for July!

As we get ready to send out our biggest donation ever to the Tzu Chi Foundation, we wanted to squeeze out a few more badges for the month of July! Have a look!

The Merit Badge
Inspired by a Twitter conversation between the authors of Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt and DigitalZendo, these two kind souls have been instrumental in one of the best months in BuddhaBadges history. We honor their belief and support with "The Merit Badge". If you get it, give it as a reward for a good deed. Don't keep it.

Fudo Myo
Destroyer of Delusion, Protector of Buddhism, Snarer of Demons, Remover of Ignorance: Is there anything this popular Japanese deity can't be? When asked, folks think he could be a BuddhaBadge, too! And now he is.

One of the beautiful rituals in many Buddhist's daily life is the prostration and veneration of the image of the Buddha and his ilk through humbling bows. With palms raised around the world Buddhists meet and greet, in gassho, friends, family, and loved ones, both here and beyond.

Grab all of these and more and be a part of a giving moment. Go check out!

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