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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

International Campaign for Tibet's Yushu Earthquake Relief - Raised: $75 between March and April 2010

Another official and deeply felt thank you goes out to those who helped get our latest donation out to those who really need everything they can get. Many thanks specifically to:

A. Billings
J. Morrison
A. English
S. Knapik
T. Lynch
T. Hochman
E. Hobbs
B. Hoppe
D. Deickman
Y. Zavala
S. Fisher and and

Are you thinking: "What about me?" If you have put in an order for some BuddhaBadges recently, your donation will go toward out next cause as there is much need in the world and we are trying to keep things all chronological like. A million thanks for your donation, by the way, the monks and nuns of Bat Nha will surely benefit from your generosity.

Thank you again.

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